About the lay-out

As an end-of-year project we had to design a magazine targeted to graphic designers. We had to invent a name for the magazine and decide on a style for both the given interviews and portfolio. We could let our creative juices flow so I decided to go colourful without going over the top (within my definition of "over the top"). I wanted both the interviews and portfolio's to stand out in their own way without losing the overarching flow of the magazine by using the same colour palette for both categories.


If I could go back in time, I would've changed the cover completely. Since I didn't want to "cheat" by changing the cover just for the purpose of having a perfect portfolio, I left it as is. I personally find it important to look back on earlier projects without skewing the reality. I wasn't a seasoned designer back then and I still had (and have) a lot to learn and it is interesting to see how I interpreted the cover of the magazine. Now, I would take a less busy approach, even on the inside of the magazine. I tried to fit in too many elements within one page. I like where I was going with the design but it got a little too overwhelming on some spreads. We learn from our mistakes.