Muziek Elixir

About the brand

Muziek-Elixir VZW lets vulnerable elderly people experience a warm, healing and profound moment with live music. Their team of professional musicians performs well-known melodies from various musical genres, from light classical music and opera to chansons. The brand believes that live music has a therapeutic effect, it focuses on the healing and magical abilities of music and how it is part of the recovery and health of the elderly.

Business Cards

For the logo and business cards I wanted to visualise the magical feeling you get from listening to live music. As I am someone that enjoys colourful palettes, I decided to go with bright colours to further enhance the experience the brand delivers. Music creates a warm and fuzzy feeling, which I wanted to portray by using warm colours.


To give the brand a better idea of how they could use their new branding, I made a few mockups which apply the style on music sheets and folders that the artists use.