About the app

There were a few functionalities that I wanted to include in the app. For example I wanted a function in which the application records sounds: if the person snores or talks in his/her sleep then he/she can replay the recording afterwards. I also thought an audio aspect was important that way the person can explain their dreams using their voice when starting the app. When you're tired, you don't always feel like typing exuberantly.

I found it interesting to add a mood to the app. When you get up you let the application know in which mood you woke up. When you include your mood, you can choose a matching emoji from one of the three categories (negative feeling, positive feeling, neutral feeling).
A simple tag system collects what the most dreamed topics are of a person. Afterwards he/she can research the meaning of the dream through a social tool and discover more about the topic from other people.

I also thought it was important to consider the more generic functions of a sleep application like an alarm and tracking the time when the person goes to sleep. I did want an extra function which would keep track of whether the person has previously rested his/her body (deep sleep) or the brain (REM sleep/dream sleep). So the application keeps a track of what percentage of the night the person dreams/is in deep sleep.


In terms of design I wanted to keep it simple and obviously referring the night. I used deep colours with a softer tone including pink. For my colour palette I looked at other apps with a similar function. To better understand the designs of those apps I used a few myself and applied the useful design elements to my application.


This is just a sneak peak, the app is not yet finished so it only describes one of the many routes that you can take. It is just to better indicate what style I am going for and how I want the app to flow. I went for a simple and monochrome design with not too many bells and whistles. I kept the background dark so it is not too straining to the eyes. Take a look around and try some of the animations that I included. Keep in mind though that this is only a mockup and the animations were not included with every button.